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Our Philosophy

K.S.I. Inc. believes the key to achieving goals is in the development in nurturing of relationships. Sound relationships are based on an understanding and appreciation of the needs of all parties, as well as the availability in recognize the inherited worth of each person. The most important relationship is with the client who chooses out of countless options to use our security service.

An Alternative Approach

K.S.I. Inc. will not only match our competitors, we will exceed their expectations while maintaining the highest quality of service. At K.S.I. Inc., we believe in developing trust, building relationships, and understanding our clients and their specific needs.

Message from the CEO

"K.S.I. Inc. is an independently owned, licensed and insured company focused on providing security guard service. As an Atlanta police officer with 30 years in law enforcement with the City of Atlanta Police Department, I have the experience and knowledge to make your business and community a safe and secure environment.  We look forward to hearing from you."
-Ronald Kelly

Our Officers

Our officers are carefully selected and vigorously trained. We make sure that all guards receive their Georgia state-mandated training and certifications. In this industry, appearance matters. We want to gain the respect from the clients by looking the part; we will begin to lay the groundwork for trust and respect in the business and community we serve.

Dedicated to Meeting the Needs of All Clients

Having performed security operations for small and large businesses, we recognize the need for high quality security. At K.S.I. Inc., the staff is our most important asset. Each member of K.S.I. Inc. demonstrates and reflects a positive image of our company to our client's. Our service is always tailored to the needs of the clients with no additional or hidden charges.

We're always looking for qualified candidates to seek for job opportunities. Please email your resume to admin1@ksiinc.net.

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