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The Courtyard at Maple

The management and leadership at KSI are exeptional and consistent, and the guards are well-trained. If you need top flight professionals for your security needs, then KSI is one to choose.

Lexington Square Apartments

K.S.I. is very Knowledgeable and Dependable. As our business relationship with K.S.I. began over 3 years ago with lots of innovative security techniques and procedures. They have continued to be organized, on time and trustworthy.

Morningside Apartments

KSI is very responsive and diligent to the task at all times. KSI has been and continues to be our solution for security and protective services.

Wildwood Park Towne Homes

Many of our loyal residential clients truly feel safe knowing that KSI is on-site protecting their home.The security personnel are always professional, courteous, and ready to handle the situation.

Waffle House (#515)

The uniformed security guards at KSI are very well trained and are always capable and ready. They are friendly but totally professional at all times.

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