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Security Options

Residential, Hotel, and Event Security

At K.S.I. Inc., we can provide Special event security officers that will patrol the grounds of the special events venue to protect against terrorism, theft and other illegal activities. Special event security officers may be stationed at various posts throughout the venue. Some sit at a security desk and check attendees' tickets or credentials. They may also search bags or other belongings that are brought into the venue as contraband. They observe special event attendees to ensure that they are abiding by the laws and rules of the venue and may be required to supervise parking or direct traffic before and after the event is over. They may work at sporting events, concerts, conventions, parties or other large events.

Escort Guests and Employees

In social settings such as bars or clubs, occasionally a guest becomes intoxicated or combative. Depending on the circumstances and the companie's policy, the security officer may evict the guest, escort him to a taxi or detain him for the police. Security officers might also need to evict loiterers or trespassers from time to time. Upon request, security guards should escort employees or guests to their vehicles, especially if valet parking is unavailable and it is late at night.

Mobile and Foot Patrol / Surveillance

Security officers must watch for unusual, illegal or dangerous activities occurring on the premises. They often patrol hallways, parking lots, stairwells, lobbies, and make sure emergency exits are secure. Some guards might be assigned to a stationary post, such as beside an entrance. In cases where clients have video surveillance equipment, a security officer might spend all or part of his shift watching the monitors for any suspicious activity.

Rule Enforcement / Crowd Control

Some clients may require rule enforcement. Apartment complexes, office buildings, and hotels sometimes have tenant agreements that outline responsibilities and expected behavior of its renters or guests. Guards may be responsible for enforcing curfew, swimming pool, and other amenity rules. In case of an emergency, security guards might direct evacuation and/or crowd control. If a false alarm has sounded, they might need to help.

Respond to Calls

Fellow employees sometimes need assistance in dealing with a belligerent guest or tenant and call security for help. Guards will respond to reports concerning loud noises and disturbances, or suspicious persons cited on or near the property. Security guards may be dispatched by telephone or radio to assist or investigate.

Emergency / Temporary Security

At K.S.I. Inc., we recognize the need for static temporary services. Whether in response to an emergency or a planned service request, we can cover all your emergency or temporary security needs. We have a 24/7 dispatch center which allows us to dispatch uniformed security officers or law enforcement to your location with just a phone call. We understand that all security needs are not always planned. For emergencies such as alarms, alarm malfunctions, criminal mischief, gate malfunctions, employee safety issues or natural disasters, the job of our security officers is to respond rapidly and arrive at your place of business to provide protection against possible threatening situations.

Retail and Loss Prevention

At K.S.I. Inc., we understand the importance of patron and personnel safety to property protection. As a loss prevention officer, we are in charge of overseeing the security of people, goods and the store itself. We are in place to prevent theft, vandalism against the store, as well as the assault of staff or customers. We monitor the store by doing regular rounds, and controlling the comings and goings of customers, as required. We don't hesitate to stop suspicious individuals to maintain order in retail stores. We are sometimes assisted with cameras and anti-theft systems. With today’s economy, smash and grabs and employee robberies are on an all-time high. Our retail and loss prevention officers are employed as means of presence and prevention. On a day-to-day basis, security guards are responsible for the following:

  • Controlling access to the store
  • Regularly doing the rounds to prevent shoplifting, vandalism and fire
  • Monitoring access to the store and controlling the comings and goings of people
  • Maintaining order
  • Using security systems equipment to monitor activities inside and possibly outside the store
  • Controlling customers and their bags
  • Intervening during an incident
  • Applying the security and emergency practices in effect in the store
  • Responding to fire alarms and other emergencies
  • Controlling the functioning of security devices

Commercial and Office Security

At K.S.I. Inc., we understands with today’s economy, commercial and office buildings are becoming a prime target for office creeps and identity theft, vandalism, vehicle break-in and most important, pedestrian robbery. Running an office building brings many important responsibilities. One of the most important is proper security management. Commercial and office building security is necessary in order to keep your information, your employees information and their belongings safe. If your property is already experiencing problems, we may deploy police officers in conjunction with your security force initially. This is a short time mass presence of police officers to identify certain areas of vulnerability to help ward off the criminals while our security staff conducts the contracted patrols. We can provide the following services for your commercial/office security needs:

  • Access Control
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Uniform Security Patrol (Vehicle or Golf Cart)
  • Customer Service
  • Law Enforcement
  • First Aid Assistance

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